Slock with dwm logo

Does anyone else here use slock for their lockscreen?

I use a patched version with the dwm logo, and I thought I would share it here:

When you type your password the dwm logo lights to a nice shade of pastel blue (#808fa0), when you get it wrong it will blink red (#9d5b61).

All colours can be edited in config.def.h.

If you decide to use this build of slock don’t forget to chage these two lines in config.def.h to your username before building:

static const char *user  = "YOUR USERNAME HERE";
static const char *group = "YOUR USERNAME HERE";

Download it here.

Any issues let me know.


I use i3lock. It works but is a bit slow. Will check slock.

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Wow, never knew Proton had a downloading link !

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slock is nice and fast.

It’s Protondrive, a relatively new addition from Protonmail.

Works great. Changing to use slock.

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Oh, thx for the comeback, we learn everyday !

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Excellent. It’s a nice, simple option for a lockscreen. Especially if you don’t use a screensaver.

@altman indeed we do. :smiley:

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