Sleep disables screen lock in live session?

After pressing W+x and locking the screen during a live session, I walked away, coming back later to find that the laptop screen had went black.

Moving the mouse, I expected to see the locking screen again, but instead it has disappeared and I’m able to interact with the items onscreen.

What program is used for the screen lock function? I once knew it and cannot remember the name.

Secondly, how can I disable the screen blanking or at least make the screen lock-er persist even after screen blanking?

I found this in research -> xfce4-power-manager i hope it helps.

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We use a fork of i3lock with additional features is correct you can use something like xfce-power-manager, alternatively you can use xset which doesnt have a gui or any real dependancies

# set display blanking to 3600 seconds (60 minutes)
xset s 3600 3600

# same as above but for displays that support dpms (power saving feature)
# this will blank at 60 min then go into sleep mode after 66 min
xset dpms 3600 3700 4000

You can add the following lines to somewhere they will get run when signing in, like ~/.config/openbox/autostart if you’re using openbox.

Check out man xset

I’ll have to look into the issue further and see if I can find why the lock is failing, I may end up stopping the display from sleeping when locked but then you can get screen burn issues from always displaying a static image, either way thanks for the heads up.


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Thank you both. In a live session I doubt this would be of issue to many users, as I suppose they would be using Archlabs on their personal machines.

I however mainly use the liveusb function when I visit the public library, and as such I felt that this should at least be reported. I’ll try the latest ISO and report back my findings.

Thank you both for the helpful responses.

If the AL is running on a memory card or pendrive with good speed nothing prevents you from doing the direct installation

I have an installation and take it with me when I need it, that way I use what I want and I do not lose anything.
8 GB Pen drive

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