First distro I ever successfully installed and used daily - Slackware 8.

Booted to the command prompt console and was basically lost :laughing:

Fortunately, that was back in the day when Comdex was still held in Las Vegas, so I took a long lunch break and went downtown to pay a visit to the Slackware booth. The team gave me the “Linux for Noobs in 30 Minutes” tutorial and all was well after that. Had my desktop up and running with all the hardware working that night.

Learned a lot about Linux in general running a Slackware system - Fvwm was the first software I compiled from source; was my main window manager for years.

Still install Slackware now and then - usually get the unnoficial iso for Slackware current so the software stays more up to date.

have tried -

Slackware versions 8-14.2 and Slackware Current

KateOS - very early user friendly distro from Poland; well done Xfce desktop. Too bad they closed up shop.

SalixOS - solid release, good selection of packages using slapt-get

Slackel - sister project of SalixOS, based on Slackware current.

Zenwalk - Solid release, back in action after a hiatus. I think they may be Slackware Current now, too.

It’s my understanding that the next release of Slackware will be OpenRC so it will be another non-systemd option for users.


Wow, really?

I will have to try it out again if they do that, OpenRC is the best (IMO).

I tried it briefly, the lack of dependency management was lovely, it was so liberating to be able to rip out stuff I didn’t like :smiley:


Last I was reading Slackware news, that was my impression - go with OpenRC; although the changelog for Slackware Current still refers to sysvinit-scripts being built as recently as Feb. 2018.

The other issue was what to do about Wayland; they were still taking a wait and see where that project goes attitude with that.