Skyrim + ArchLabs

Okay, wish me luck. I am downloading Skyrim Special Edition. I hope I can get this to work with Steam+Proton.


It works, can confirm. You will need to do tweaks in order for sound to work I think. If launching through steam doesn’t perfectly work (i.e. sound missing) try launching through wine. Then hit the steam forums if that fails. Good luck and gods speed, John Glenn

Thanks man. I know the standard edition works perfectly via Steam. I tried the S.E. when Proton first arrived and had no luck. Its been a while since I tried it so I’m hoping the later releases are gonna do the job.

Currently playing Morrowind (using OpenMW) and modding is so easy, and the game itself is so fricking awesome, that I’m not sure I’ll be playing skyrim before the next tes comes out lol…

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My eldest son loves Morrowind.

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So… is it working? Did you need to make special configurations or something??

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It wouldn’t load just had a black screen. Haven’t put any further effort into as yet.