am a bit confused, does this also affect existing installations?

Warnung: archlabs-skel-fluxbox: Lokale Version (1.0.7-1) ist neuer als archlabs (1.0.6-1)
Warnung: archlabs-skel-openbox: Lokale Version (1.2.4-1) ist neuer als archlabs (1.2.1-1)


I have

Warning: archlabs-skel-openbox: local (1.2.4-1) is newer than archlabs (1.2.1-1)

hmm, an englishman in portugal is also affected.

amazing that updates from new zealand come all the way to portugal.

despite the message, everything seems to be working…

cu, stephan

I would wait & see what will happen, it might be some repos that aren t updated somewhere.

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This was my mistake, moved some older packages to stable mistakenly, should be resolved now.

Latest openbox skel is 1.2.4-1 and latest fluxbox is 1.0.7-1. Skel packages aren’t really needed after install unless you plan on creating another user so they can be safely removed.

Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks @natemaia
no problems with me either, just those warnings
I now get

-> Missing AUR Packages:  archlabs-skel-i3-gaps

so I guess I should just remove that then?

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Yes you can remove that, i3-gaps got merged into i3 proper a while back and the new skel package is archlabs-i3-skel. I could’ve kept the i3-gaps skel around for longer but it was gonna happen sooner or later.


updatet yust another PC,

Warnings are gone…

thanks @natemaia for investigating…

have i to mark the thread as solved?

cu, stephan

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