Size of text etc. is big, then gets normal/small when changing theme & back again

edit:Hey, I checked the little “force DPI”-box and set something like 96 on it (adjusted to my liking) and that persist! So now everything is suitably small. That works!


So I have an odd issue where chromium looks like this when I start the computer

and then if I go into appearance settings and just select any theme (just clicking once to preview) it then looks like this

Which seems more in tune with what it should look like. My display is 1920x1080 in resolution. Its not limited to chromium, text et al everywhere starts out really big like that, then changes to small.

Here’s my tint2rc on request from Dobbie03:

Once when I did pacman -Syu during the upgrading sequence it also changing, so it seems to happen when the theming is reloaded or something.

Apologies when we were talking on DIscord I thought you were having Tint2 issues, didn’t realise it was Chromium.

That’s fine, actually it is more the theming engine that seems to be the culprit - all text/icons everywhere follow the same pattern, not only chromium! :slight_smile:

The default ArchLabs theme is causing this?

I think it’s just any theme, now the reverse happened - I opened up the computer, previewed some other theme in Appearance to get it all small and normal and went on to play Overwatch. Then now I went in to see what would happen with another theme, and now it all went big again when previewing a theme! And now it wont go back to small ^^; presumably it will be big upon reboot, then small again when I preview. Strange!

Edit. I tried switching to Adawaita now and then reboot, and its all big, and then I went into Appearance and clicked Clearlooks and it all went small, so it does not matter what theme you choose.

Have you changed any DPI settings anywhere?

Not knowinly at least, where would I do that?

I’ve read that this problem only has chromium. No other browser has this problem. I have never used it, and if you have uninstalled, purged and installed the browser again, it can only be a code issue. Sorry I wasn’t helpful

It may seem strange, even by the time of the post … but you tried with Chrome ?, Chromium is unstable, always receives features and testing features, in general it is two or three summers ahead of Google’s default browser


Thanks for answering! It is not limited to chromium sadly, its everywhere is bigger, see screenshots:

Before previewing another theme:

exactly after pressing the other theme (does not matter which theme, and switching back to dARK after previewing another theme keeps it all small):

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I would have a look at the Default settings in your LXAppearance if you have it installed.

The issue might be into it.

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Also xfce4-appearance-settings too.

True, some settings might fight each other so to speak.

On the theme, here the htop gets with hidden characters but just change “color_scheme” to 5 that back to normal, somewhere here a member had problems with fonts, dpi … in his case it was compton

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I would also have a look @ the browswer s settings .

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@buenaventura I’ve been reading this document, there’s a part where he talks about system integration problems

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I dont seem to have lxappearance installed, and xfce4-settings-manager is that one I show on the screen shots, the default theme doesent matter - I’ve tried restarting with any other theme and they all turn out like this. What settings would you light to see?

Even if I dont open a browser at all, Thunar has this font, even xfce-setttings-manager itself has everything big before I click another theme (see pictures in prev post)

I would check your font settings in xfce-settings-manager as Dobbie stated above.

What are the results from Stäng above in your xfce font settings .

Hello! I tried changing font and size, and that does not change anything - still the same thing on reboot, but with another font. But everything is still big. Stäng just means close, does nothing by itself. What does effect the change to normal resolution is when I click once on a theme (to preview it) and then it snaps to normal res, and then I click stäng to close the window.

Oh, sorry thought it was the one meaning Fonts or something alike, wonder what does this.

Was it s fresh updated install or I missed it.