Site Slow

Wonder if it s on my end, but every other sites that I go too seem pretty fast.

Also wonder if teh maintenance going on.

How bout you guys.

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Working fine here.

You have some bad weather up your way; or maybe some clean up activity in Ohio messing with your internet service?

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Oh, thx for the comeback @PackRat , this is weird, there s only very light fluries right now, or it might be the provider s shitty service or such.

It wasn t like that a little while back.

If it gets better I ll report back, looks like an hit & miss internet-wise on my end right now ! lol

Fwiw: all okay here on the South East Asian front: responsive site! Your provider probably is blocking you from AL access, you spend too much time there :rofl::older_adult:t2:

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Working great here from the big white north. :wink:

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no probs here in europe, Belgium

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Even in Portugal its working fast, :rofl:

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Gentlemen’s sites always have that affect @altman. :see_no_evil:

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Lol, it might be @Peppe !

Guess that when it s wired connected, all the internet s shitty & if I go wireless, all s better, which I find weird.

Guess that I can put it as Fixed as it s working with wireless connection.

Thx for the comeback fellas.

I was gonna say, I am on reduced speeds due to the main fibre line being completely destroyed but the forum as quick as ever.