Single pane outliner for ArchLabs?

Hello guys, I’m considering switching to ArchLabs.

My setup is pretty conservative except that I like outliners, which I’ve been using since the 80s. I kinda sorta had the Debian version of Barry Block’s Hiero on my previous machines, but clearly it won’t work on an Arch derivative.

Does anyone have a good single-pane outliner for ArchLabs?

Best, NP.

There are some in the AUR - I’ve never used one, so can’t recommend any to you. No results for a search of the Arch packages.

If you like one in the AUR, ArchLabs comes with baph to install AUR packages.

baph -i [package]
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Thanks, PackRat, that’s nice of you.

I’m picky about outliners (as befits someone who’s been using them for 30 years) and none of the ones in the listing you sent appeals.

I’m going to revert to command line tools like HNB and Tudu for the moment but will return to this topic properly when I’ve completed the move.

Best, NP.

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I also do a fair bit of outlining in my work. I use simply vim + vimoutliner. It is simple, having very low learning curve. It might not be as sophisticated as what you have in mind, but very portable etc. and has all the power of vim, which is amazing. Also, you can get good colors (any colorscheme will have its own color set for the outline sections), which is v. important to me. If you go that route, desertink is a very good colorscheme I feel. Monokai also.