Simple AUR Package Installs - Baph

Update: I decided it would be best to have this as a standalone script, you can now find it here


Good work Smoke, cheers for sharing.


Great job @natemaia, simply sensational!!

Thank you! :+1:


Yeah this is cool.


Without doubt, I even think we need to baptize this script, type “al-inpkg-helper” or “al-helper-aur”


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It’s done!! :+1::+1::+1: (now the man has to confirm!..)

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:slight_smile: Hopefully he likes it

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Top job in there @natemaia.

I am a fan of this, as my aforementioned impatience implies, I am a fan of time savers.


Excellent work @nate, but I’m getting this error when I use --noconfirm:

error: invalid web address or no network connection

Works okay when I use --noview. Am I doing something wrong?

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Very good job

How does this script update packages?

Apologies, it was --noconf

I have made the required edit above, either make the same change or just keep it as-is and use the shorter --noconf instead.

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Glad you like it, all of those packages are available in the official repos though so you can just use

pacman -S PACKAGE

However both are fine and essentially the same thing :slight_smile:

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I added a bit more functionality to the script in the original post

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I am thankful, and with update or not working very well … but I will update! :joy:

Now a question … I can translate some sentences, I mean the most common ones?
It seems to be possible but only you can confirm…

And once again thank you for your attention!

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Kinda wondered because your script shows --noconf, but I thought I missed something.

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Your welcome to change whatever you like. gettext may be some help


Oops, thank you very much for replying and for the editor’s tip!!
I’ll start the damage! :joy:

I’ve updated and changed a few things, it is no longer something that should be sourced in a shell but a standalone script. Feel free to check it out/upgrade if you’re interested.