Show us your restore script!

Each night I run pacman -Qqen > pkglist.txt
When I rebuild from scratch, I use the following to pull down all the non-AUR packages.
The following line is the meat of the script as the remaining lines are either simple documentation or cosmetics like, this script is now complete - please reboot.

while read line; do pacman -S --needed --noconfirm $line; done < pkglist.txt

I also have a similar process for Debian. This cuts down on how long a rebuild takes and eliminates the forgotten packages that were installed.


A good tip @Chris

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Mine isn’t a script. LOL, I back my dots up to a spare drive and Github/Notabug. Reinstall and go from there.

I use so few programs and utilities it’s quite quick to get back up and running almost the same as before.