Show Us Your Real Life Desk

Put it in the dishwater after the dishes, it’ll clean up.


Mostly I wanted to show that I and @HaxNet, live worlds apart but we ended up both with exactly the same pad.


lol that’s awesome. They are comfy! I had the mousepad before I bought the large pad so I just decided to use it. Also I use the mousepad when I need to eat lunch and I have a little tray LOL

You need to get a blank keyboard! Get some blank keys on amazon! they are great.

That’s a MK Night Typist keyboard recommended by @natemaia (well he recommended the standard one but I chose the version with a backlight) and I waited for over 6 months until I got it, I have no reason right now to change any keys. What would be the advantage or why should I get some blank keys?

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It’s supposed to improve your typing skills; for advanced typists. It would cripple me.

Just don’t look at the keyboard, same same :laughing:

How’ve you been liking that kb so far? My leopold is still going strong and I’m loving it more than ever (took a while to get used to function key combos)

IMO the only reason to get replacement caps is if the kb you already own came with shitty caps but the board and switches are still in good condition.

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It took me a while to get used to it, I guess mostly because for too many years I’ve been using only laptops but I ended up loving it more than any other keyboard I had before. I chose the Cherry MX Silent Red switches which are not really that silent but it looks like I made the right choice, also I’m glad I chose the backlit version, the light is just perfect when used at the lowest level. Thanks for the idea!


it greatly improves your typing speed. Also, if you are around people, it’s harder for people to see what you are typing for your password lol

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Only me and my dog are allowed in the room where I use this keyboard so I won’t have to worry about someone getting my passwords :)))


Hopefully you don’t find your cherry clickers in the state of wet & yellow. :smile:


The four monitor stand arrived today. I don’t know what I was thinking but this thing is massive. Really thick and heavy.


Decided to build it laying on it’s face; to save adjustments while monitors are hanging in the air.


Making progress.

Here’s a pic of the usual setup.

I’m setting up to test Plasma with four monitors driven by various video cards. I robbed the monitors; two left and two right, and the HP on the left.

And setup on the other side of the old dinning room table.

I’m waiting for two monitor cables to com in. Some may recognize the ugly green wall.

Close up of the new monitor stand in use.

Edit: Next step; two video cards and eight monitors.


You take virtual desktops to a new level: each one has it’s own monitor :wink:


Never mind a map to just get around the room, wiring that sucker would be another thing!


Almost; each monitor has three virtual desktops. :wink:


The biggest concern is not overloading the power circuit for that area. Luckily; there’s a 220V circuit for a window AC unit from before central AC was installed, that I’ve converted into two 110V outlets. So I have three 110V circuits to use.


This looks so damn clean.
What the …

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Spic and Span is the new Chaos

I cant even hang the clothes out without ordering the clothespegs into colours
Well, until I threw out all the cloured ones and got all nicely uniform wooden ones.
My clothes are hung out in a logical order too



Yes, something like that.

Everybody is in some things a little freak. :slight_smile:

You need a new job?

You can clean my Apartment and you can arrange my 1 trouser, 1 Pullover and my 2 shirts like you want.