Show Us Your Real Life Desk

hello frankenstein!, Those are the best. Had at least 2 like that in the past. The gifts that keeps on giving. Man one of them was a Fedora 10-20 install… with the lion wallpaper. I had turned it into a router and was using crunchbang ee-pc netbooks connected to it. That was when I lived in Mexico.


maybe even earlier can’t remember

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it was 11



I am almost sad that I have a new Thinkpad T16 arriving tomorrow

Thanks to people here, notably @eight_bit_al & @PackRat , the ASUS runs like a dream with Windows 10 (for work :frowning: ) and the Linux Swap on an SSD in the original bay, and ArchLabs on an SSD in a caddy in the DVD bay.

But its starting to fail in terms of hardware (keyboard, touchpad, power button cable etc) and I cant have that worry for my main work and home machine

But after Friday I can just enjoy nurturing it with no sense of dread

And put it with my Archlabs ASUS EeePC, ASUS S200E, Thinkpad 410s collection …


Nice, posting from a thinkpad T15 with cats on it.

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@leigh They’re durable. ArchLabs Pet Screenshot Thread - #373 by cog

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Great to hear that someone like you likes the T15!

But I hope my cocker Spaniel doesn’t lie on it (although sometimes I think he’s a cat in drag - hates water and is instantly on your lap when you sit down, and actually growl/purrs/snores when you scratch his tum)

I wanted the 16" screen, and went for the i7 - because … and because I may do some numerical FEA/CFD analyses for work on it, and I tend to overstretch for future proofing, hopefully if the hardware is as robust as they say it will last me even longer than the ASUS did (does).

16GB plus an empty slot too

I am actually quite excited, as you can probably tell

I love the 410s I recently got handed down too, feels lovely and solid

Your dog has the guiltiest looks I’ve ever seen.

There is a reason for that …

Those furr babies are bad.

Spent all day furminating my house. Luckily the pets slept until after I was done. Let’s see how long it takeS for them to destroy it.

But, shaking the tablecloth doesnt have to be done outside and dropping toast wrong way up, or any food or drink on the floor is no problem with a Hairy Hoover

Well sounds like your daughter and pup are in cahoots. Toast wise.

Nice pimpin in there @leigh

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Of course this is fucking impossible when dualbooted into Windows :rofl:
Whatever the multitude of cloned pages tell you about simply uninstalling the driver - uninstall requires a reboot to implement and then it automatically reinstalls at boot :rofl:

@leigh Do a search for “disable laptop keyboard Windows 10/11”.

There is a configuration tool buried within Windows that allows you to turn off the reinstall required drivers feature.

I think this is it. You’ll want to verify it.


If you have multiple machines @leigh, recommend a dedicated Win box & seperate Linux machine. In my experiences, dual booting was never worth the hassle and time to ensure it would work out. For me, simplifying was more beneficial than complication.

Your experiences may be different.

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Thanks, will look into that

I have dual boot working like a dream on my ASUS, took a while but its great. Very handy to have same files available to both too (on separate partitions)

But as of tomorrow I will have a new machine, but unfortunately it comes with Win 11 on it, not win 10 (I refused to pay the extra 120 Eur for the pro edition which was the only one they rolled back to 10 as delivered).
I set up a new lappy for my mother in law that had Win 11 on it and I couldnt work out how to do it without using a microsoft account

Maybe I will roll back to Win 10 first before installing ArchLabs on it as well

I know this may well be heresy, but anyone have any thoughts on the Win 11 / win 10 point?

First boot into AL (only live session so far but feels good to be home :smiley:)