Show Us Your Polybar

@Dobbie03 :sunglasses: It looks perfect and clean, and the icons are cool


Polybar looks great @Dobbie03

@Dobbie03, I know size isn’t supposed to matter, but your bar sure is long!

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Looks like @Dobbie03 has a 96 inch screen ! lol

@Negata and @altman thanks chaps

@TimApple lol yeah it’s what happens when you have a dual 27" 4k setup :smile:


Share whatever the script is that goes with the Mail module?

Here you go


import imaplib
obj = imaplib.IMAP4_SSL('',993)
obj.login('','PASSWORD') # write your email and password
print(len(, 'UnSeen')[1][0].split()))

Thanks brother, switched it up for fastmail and works like a charm.

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So here is mine as of today… not sure if I like the clock next to music, a little confusing…


Looks real nice @TimApple

Some Grateful Dead ! Great band .

Thanks! Been listening to the Dead for quite a long time… good sitting in the office music.

Yep , you bet @TimApple

Very nice.

Can you please provide a version of this script that will work with outlook?

I think you can goto your outlook inbox via the browser. Copy what ever URL is there and paste it in place of the gmail for checking

as far as checking imap, just replace with outloks imap settings.

Here is mine, I changes it to fastmail…

import imaplib
obj = imaplib.IMAP4_SSL(‘’,993)
obj.login(‘your@outlook.mail’,‘you_password’) # write your email and password
print(len(, ‘UnSeen’)[1][0].split()))

I changed the imap server , connection was successful. But the problem is with the output.
It doesn’t show the unread mail count rather shows
Traceback (most recent call last):
How to format the output so that it shows the mail count?

I get that message sometimes, when I first log in, but it has gone away…I’m not sure on that one.

Can you please share your config? Thank you very much

DP hasn’t been online in over a year. He has sadly vanished.

That’s really too bad. His Polybar configs match almost exactly what I have in mind in this period of time. I would have loved to receive some inputs from his config file.

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