Show Us Your Polybar


@Dobbie03 I think I already have something. I like the minimalist aspect. I’m still doing tests because I’m also going to add the network modules, volume and temperature.


Awesome stuff. Love it.


I’ve done it like you, but trying 1px. I like the new Slim-Polybar


1px would be next to invisible on my monitor. 4k screens over here.


It would be invisible-polybar


Exactly…next to useless lol.


If I make a change, I’ll share it. At the moment I like the new look. Thanks @Dobbie03 !


Nice. Would be interested in what you come up with.


I saw a reddit thread on auto-hiding polybar.
it looks interesting and I may just try it.

Here’s the link:
Autohide Polybar?


I was using to hide the polybars but that became more of an irritant than help.


I also think that someone asked in the forum how this was done


I hear ya - when I used Ubu, I tried the hiding the bar. As you said, it became more of a PITA then a benefit.


@Negata, you are right there is a post floating around somewhere here.

@Chris, yup, hence my move to a slim styled polybar.


I tried something similar, but it was with a combination of keys, let’s call it manualhide.


After some adjustments like borders and height, Slim-polybar looks perfect on my screen. I like to adjust the colors and balance them with the same ones of the wallpaper. Thanks again @Dobbie03!!