Show Us Your Polybar



Now that is an excellent concept (if intended).
Top it off by running a vid in the term or place the vid as if looking at a big screen.
Well done!


Yeah, where is the big screen? Will you be serving popcorn? :joy:
That is cool :sunglasses:


Nicee @andril


Here’s my Polybar.
If anyone needs or wants to see my configs, just ask.


Nicee @anon2716996 . Like the way vpn s disconnected or online. Great work again.


It’s nice to have colorful polybar as such, although I don’t think I would use one. Mine is all black and white x)


Thanks, I have a few versions that displays different things well connected or not.


Cool @anon2716996


Nice Polybar @gazeka74


This is the current Polybar setup I am using. A 5px tall panel, the only modules I am using is the workspaces and the updates.

Shown below the middle arrow is showing the workspaces, they are coloured to indicate the following:

  • Gray = Application open on a workspace
  • Red = Active/focused workspace
  • Blue = Active/focused workspace on unfocused monitor (I run dual monitors)

The right-hand arrow is showing updates. This only appears when updates are available.

You will need to zoom in to see the polybar in action.

December 2018 Screenshot Thread

It’s awesome @Dobbie03!! I may try it to see how it looks. In the configurations that I do, I always tend to simplify and minimize. I think this is perfect for my new AL-2018-12 :sunglasses:


Nicee @Dobbie03


@Negata Sounds good, just in case you want them, here are the modules I am using and the update script.



@altman thanks mate.

January 2019 Screenshot Thread

No problem @Dobbie03


Thanks @Dobbie03, I’m going to try it


Look forward to seeing the outcome!

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So I had an addition today, a volume bar. I had no easy way to view the volume (other than what’s playing through the stereo) so I added one. :slight_smile:

It is the bar on the right. Again a zoom is required to view.

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