Show Us Your Polybar


how did you set the polybar to transparent


@InvisibleRasta On module colors ( polybar/master.conf ) You set the transparent polybar with :

background = #ab000000


WIP with help from the forum


Nicee @andril


Hi guys,
Do you know if one can change the opacity of polybar? I see a transparent polybar but none that are semi-transparent?


I’m playing with the values, for example #ff000000 has total opacity and #af000000 has another less opaque tone


That polybar is beautiful! I also want mine to be slightly opaque. Did you do this with Compton?


@fatboy as you can see, Negata answered the question already…


@fatboy - adjust the colors in the master.conf first, then when you start compton, they polybar will be translucent.

A couple of posts in on this thread is a chart you can use as a guide to get the ooacity level-


OK, great! Will definitely check it out, thanks!



Nice Polybar shot again @andril


Very nice!


Man… you all are making me rethink poly instead of my current: i3blocks :wink:


I used i3blocks again this morning but changed up my theme again and couldn’t be bothered changing it up so went back to polybar.


I’m sure you’ve just about all seen my polybars, but anyway…


Now how did you manage to get the unicode to show up? I must be doing something incorrect.


I have FontAwesome included as a font in my bars. I believe most of my icons are being sourced from there or my nerd-fonts patched Iosevka. :slight_smile:


Set as font-0 ?

EDIT: yup! That did it. Huh - wonder what I did to fubar this from a month ago. LOL



I have these fonts in my polybar. :smiley: