Show Us Your Polybar


Nice @Tyr-El , wide !


A few updates


@TheJameyBear , nice updates there mate.


@TheJameyBear Sweet! Almost out of space, you’ll need a second bar soon.


Plans…Oh yes…Plans have I


Hehe! That’s the spirit!


Are you running an ultrawide or two monitors?


Two 24" monitors. I’ve got one bar on each screen.


@Tyr-El , it s what I would need for my old eyes !


Nice! I run 2x 27" with a bar on each. Sometimes I wish I had just got an ultrawide.


Gee I have only a small 17 inch lappy, a little on the small side.


Wip, i’m particularly not set with the icons for the workspaces


Nice looking in there @gazeka74


Getting there! You’re on the right track.


So if you like polybar but not polybar’s system tray because it stays above a program that is full-screened, I found a “fix”. Right now I’m using polybar with a tint2 system tray. After tweaking they go together seamlessly. If you have a variable number of items in your tray it might not work that good, however I have the same # 99% of the time. I just need access to them in a tray. I played with trayer and stalonetray but both had issues. Tint2 easily blended into place. Color matching was pretty easy. The time consuming part was tweaking the polybar config:


width = 96%
height = 28
border-size = 0
border-top-size = 1
border-bottom-size = 0
radius = 0
bottom = true
line-size = 2
font-0 = “DejaVu Sans Mono:size=10:weight=bold:antialias=false;2”

offset-x = 79
offset-y = 0
fixed-center = true

The width and offset-x mainly. trial and error.


Good work, have you got a screenshot?


haha i figured that was coming, well I’ll have to install something. is there a program similar to MS snippit?

looks like maybe shutter, I usually strip down linux installs, probably to a fault.


You could use flameshot, teiler or the xfce-screenshooter :smiley:


ok, xfce4-screenshooter required no additional dependencies.

so I left a little extra room to the left of the polybar clock just in case another item arrives in the system tray. Also per an earlier post I had, you will notice the mpd information is on the right side of polybar. This allows very long song/artist/album names to simply go off the end of the display, and not hide other polybar items I need access to.

I may have a crush on polybar.


That makes two of us.

Looks good. I run two sessions of Polybar, one is dedicated solely to MPD/Music.