Show Us Your *fetch and CpuFetch



Man you got me all confused, what is this Rockchip device? :slight_smile: And hostname “Google Speedy”???

My old Chromebook, Asus C201PA, no longer supported by Google.

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Haha, I found the perfect *fetch :joy: :joy: :joy: and it’s called NOFETCH or you can find it in AUR:




Meh, just found a new fetch toy :sunglasses: It’s called Starfech and yeah, it shows star constellations:

yup, that’s all folks


@drummer look what I found, *fetch heaven, about 50 of them :)))))))))

  • 101fetch - Screenfetch but for 101 school. Shell

  • 3dfetch - Displays various information about your Nintendo 3DS in pretty colors. Lua

  • afetch - Simple system info written in C. `Cˇ

  • archimede - Unobtrusive project information fetcher. Go

  • bfetch - Dynamic fetch displayer that SuperB. Shell

  • bunnyfetch - Tiny system info fetch utility. Go

  • cpufetch - Simple yet fancy CPU architecture fetching tool. `Cˇ

  • efetch - No description. `Cˇ

  • erlfetch - A screenfetch / neofetch clone written in Erlang/OTP. Erlang

  • fastfetch - Like neofetch, but much faster because written in c. Only Linux. `Cˇ

  • fetch-master-6000 - Dilbert themed fetch tool written in Perl. Perl

  • fetch.scm - System information fetcher written in GNU Guile Scheme. Guile

  • flexfetch - A fast and generic fetch. `Cˇ

  • freshfetch - A fresh take on neofetch. Rust

  • fsi - FSI (Fetch System Info) cli tool written in Rust. Rust

  • hsfetch - Neofetch rewritten in haskell. Haskell

  • gf - Simple system info written in GO. Go

  • - is a little script that works like screenfetch or neofetch, it show infos. Shell

  • lovefetch - A CLI System Information Tool. Python

  • macchina - A system information fetcher, with an emphasis on performance and minimalism. Rust

  • mfetch - Minimalist fetch. Shell

  • myfetch - My neofetch-like program. Shell

  • neofetch - A command-line system information tool written in bash 3.2+. Shell

  • Pokefetch - Command-line tool similar to neofetch for looking up pokemon in the terminal. Python

  • pridefetch - Neofetch but gay. Python

  • profetch - System information fetcher written in GNU/Prolog. Prolog

  • pythonfetch - Python and system information command-line tool. Python

  • reifetch - A light fetch script, based on Neofetch, for Linux, macOS, and BSD. Shell

  • rfetch - A fast and minimal fetch program. Rust

  • rsfetch - A WIP rewrite of rsfetch from scratch. Rust

  • rxfetch - Custom system fetching tool which is made in bash script. Shell

  • scalafetch - Neofetch alternative in Scala. Scala

  • screenFetch - Fetches system/theme information in terminal for Linux desktop screenshots. Shell

  • scrftch - Screenfetch in Rust. Rust

  • sjfetch - A command-line tool to display colorful distro information. C++

  • smilefetch - A screenfetch - like tool written in c. `Cˇ

  • sysfex - Another system information tool written in C++. C++

  • tinyscreen - Lightweight clone of screenfetch. Python

  • tfetch - Tree view like fetch. Python

  • tuatara - Ziggidy *nix system info fetcher targeting speed and concepts of disfetch. Zig

  • uwufetch - A meme system info tool for Linux, based on nyan/uwu trend on r/linuxmasterrace. C

  • winfetch - Neofetch/Screenfetch Alternative Written in Golang. Go

  • wziumfecz - Just like neofetch but better! Shell

  • yafetch - Yet another fetch. `Cˇ

  • androfetch - A pretty system information tool written in bash for termux on android. Shell

  • archfetch - Simple CLI system information tool for Arch Linux. `Cˇ

  • cfetch - A simple system information tool for Linux. Shell

  • disfetch - Yet another *nix distro fetching program, but less complex. Shell

  • NerdFetch - A POSIX *nix fetch script using Nerdfonts. Shell

  • pfetch - A pretty system information tool written in POSIX sh. Shell

  • sfetch - Sean’s information fetch. A shell script for displaying system information on Linux/BSD distros. Shell

  • vfetch - A simple fetch tool for Linux written in Python. Python

  • sf - A small system information fetcher. Shell

  • smfetch - A fetch tool written in bash with less than 150 lines of code. Shell


50 wonderful pieces of pixelated, ASCII art, with bonus points using nerd fonts. If only Andy Warhol was still alive to see this. :heart: