Show Us Your Conky

You may need to install some icon fonts.

Icon Fonts

Icons can be provided in the form of text characters. Popular icon fonts include:

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Thanks I will give it a try tomorrow morning, I’m of to bed now


Oh, nice @Dobbie03

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Thanks, I have no idea if it is all aligned properly as it all looks a little off kilter but it does the job.

Yep, it s the main thing, it does the job.


Mind sharing?

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Not at all. Here you go.

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Thanks, but something is broken at the host end.

I’ve really got to stop using for sharing.

Try this one.

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Thank you kind sir!

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A couple of player outputs for conky.

${if_existing /home/YOU/.config/quodlibet/current} ${exec quodlibet --print-playing "<artist> ~ <album> * <title>"} ${endif} ",

${exec deadbeef --nowplaying "%a - %t"}, 

Deadbeef Help

FMT %-syntax: [a]rtist, [t]itle, al[b]um,
[l]ength, track[n]umber, [y]ear, [c]omment,
copy[r]ight, [e]lapsed
e.g.: --nowplaying “%a - %t” should print “artist - title”

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This one of the best desktop conky’s I have seen so neat and informative. Great work



Been working on an old conky I made years ago. Still a lot to do, added code form Dobbie03 np.conkyrc and edited an old usb drive script (


Nicee @KoO

Looks good. What happens with the song names when they are a really long song name? Do they scroll or just cut off?

At the moment it just cuts off, any tips on scrolling.

I,m editing these conky’s with conky manager as running them through normal means stuffs up my conkybar | lemonbar.

conky-manager2-git 2.7-2 [+3 ~0.84]
Fork of GUI for managing Conky widgets. Support added for latest conky config version - git

Pretty sure I used the example from here many, many years ago. No idea if it will work or not.

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Playing around with the below at the moment works too. Thanks Boss
${alignc}${if_match ${execi 5 expr length “mpc --format %title% | head -n 1”} >= 25}${scroll 25 3 ${mpd_title}}${else}${mpd_title}${endif}

Scroll works good lol with the albumart