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Show Us Your Conky

Why haven’t I made a thread like this earlier?

Share your conky creations here.


Been chipping away at my Conky Panel. Still not quite there but it’s looking pretty sweet so far.


Looks better than what I have done. Lost mine. Is your conky setup on Devianart or is this different?

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This is different. I pretty much re-wrote it.

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That is looking pretty good.

Been using these - with minor variations - for ages:

The horizontal one-liner is actually set to window_type = dock; resides in the fluxbox slit (or openbox dock) and maximized windows don’t cover it. Some color coding so it gets my attention if something spikes.

The text is a conky for outputting a verse of the Tao Te Ching; changes every 10 min.



Yeah there is nothing quite like a basic, simple conky.

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