Show Me Your Rofi


What does your Rofi look like?

Share your screenshots and configs here.


Here is mine:

I set my colours etc via .Xresources, details here.


Still fairly new here…had to figure out what rofi was…lol…
Mine is pretty much stock, I like how you guys had it by defaut.


Arc Maia theme inspired Rofi


I’m liking that, nice colours.


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I just saw this; looks good.
Do you have a link for that wallpaper? With the rofi centered like that, I can’t do a reverse image search.

Back on topic - been using this for a while now:


Use this one Mr @PackRat


I have that one - that’s an awesome site for wallpaper.

I’m after that full moon reflection wall in 7im4apple’s screenshot.


Close enough?


That will work.


Oh sorry, your linked post showed that wallpaper. Weird.


That’s a shot of my rofi.
I fixed my post for clarity.


Here is my wallpaper if you wanted it @PackRat


Thanks. Even better than I thought it would be.


That’s a nice one!


How do you do the tabs at the bottom? That is very useful.


It was part of the default. Can’t exactly remember how I got the tabs to display.


in your rofi config -

rofi.sidebar-mode: true

or from command line -

rofi -modi run,drun,window -show drun -show-icons -sidebar-mode

changed mine recently; more ArchLabs Darkish:


That is awesome sauce! Thanks,