Should I start with a fresh AL install?

In a few days I should have ready my new PC build, but I will use the current SSD on it. What do you think, is it worth to start with a fresh install on the new system or should I just reconfigure the current one? Maybe a couple of pros and cons?

Depends. If you don’t need to manually re-install a lot of packages (especially from AUR or src), I would recommand a clean install.

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I always do clean installs, any data that I use on projects I store on another drive anyway, and I already know what packages I want to install, and in Linux it’s much easier via command line. Mac, I would just save the .dmg on an external folder, same with .exe’s. On new or different hardware, most def do clean installs, clean installs became a necessary habit in Windows (hardly ever had to reinstall any Mac OS, only if I wanted to multi-boot, and even then it stayed on it’s designated partition and left alone) due to the registry getting all gakked up, the usual Windows shite. Plus I had a lot of reg hacks and tweaks in Windows, I have done re-installs so many times I could reconfig them in my sleep, that’s why I left Windows because it just got worse using 10, to the point where it wasn’t a viable OS to me anymore.

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Reconfiguring is easy and reinstalling is for n00bs.


I m a noob, easier & faster on my end ! lol

Edit; Mind you if I can t fix my install real quick I ll reinstall, anyways my installs are pretty simple compared to some members here.

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Me too :grin:

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lol, you bet mate !

Not if you work with a rental shop.

Edit: I’d have to reinstall both Mac and Windows whenever a rental was shipped from a hack outfit.

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A new computer deserves a fresh OS.
Getting ready to do a fresh install myself, would be easier and faster to move the one from a VM to bare metal.


If you’re a n00b, then I am in big trouble lulz.


lol, you re not alone my friend !

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That’s too deep man!

I guess I should’ve made this into a poll. Btw, can we do polls here? (edit: yes we can, next time now)

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Don t know @drLobes . I don t see that option, wait for some Mods to check it out.

Yes you can, easy :grin:

The very first thing I learned using Linux, was how much I didn’t know about computing lulz.


Wow, cool, didn t know that @drLobes !

So, I got my new system, stitched it up together myself, that was easy considering it’s my first build ever.
Moved the ssd from my laptop but wasn’t able to boot, I was welcomed by a black screen with only the cursor blinking and nothing else happening no matter what I tried. My next move was to try and reinstall AL, but surprise, it will simply not work, tried with 2 different usb sticks, different ports, different options in bios…nothing. I’ll post screens bellow. I tried to install Manjaro just to see if it works and that worked, but feck that…I tried to chroot into my AL installl but no success, some error about something being not properly mounted but trying the same method to chroot into Manjaro was working. Tried running update-grub from Manjaro but that found only the Gentoo/Clover install, no sign of AL. PHFFEEWWW mada fecking started to get angry, after a couple or 3-4-5 :smiley: shots of Jackie D the idea came to mind to install rEfind but here is how this works: rEfind pops up with 3 options ArchLabs/ Clover and Manjaro, after selecting Al I’m welcomed by the old grub again with the same 3 options, and then it boots.
I have two questions now, how should I get rid of that old grub without damaging something else, and any ideas about the AL usb image not being able to load?

Can we see

efibootmgr -v

Did you check the integrity of the image? Does it boot on different hardware?

You may have to disable Secure Boot to get it started in UEFI mode but it looks like the non-UEFI mode also doesn’t work.

BootCurrent: 0001
Timeout: 1 seconds
BootOrder: 0001,0005,0000,0003
Boot0000* Manjaro	HD(1,MBR,0x20bd8ec8,0x800,0x1f4000)/File(\EFI\MANJARO\GRUBX64.EFI)
Boot0001* rEFInd Boot Manager	HD(1,MBR,0x20bd8ec8,0x800,0x1f4000)/File(\EFI\REFIND\REFIND_X64.EFI)
Boot0003* Hard Drive	BBS(HD,,0x0)..GO..NO..........S.a.m.s.u.n.g. .S.S.D. .8.6.0. .E.V.O. .5.0.0.G.B....................A.............................................>..Gd-.;.A..MQ..L.4.S.B.X.F.N.N. .K. . . . ........BO
Boot0005* UEFI OS	HD(1,MBR,0x20bd8ec8,0x800,0x1f4000)/File(\EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI)..BO

About the AL iso on my stick, wrong md5sum, I have no idea how that happened, it was working ok about a month ago and I haven’t touched it until yesterday.