Shooting in Christchurch NZ


Racists pieces of shit open fire on praying Muslims. This isn’t what us Kiwis are about.

Fuck these murdering pieces of shit.


may their soul rest in peace


The world is full of motherfuckers… :confused:


Some Fuckin asswholes everywhere from any given religion or whatever you call it, one s not better than another so to speak .

Just saw this:


Is not the Country of origin, is the poo they feed their brain with.
Idiots are everywhere and they have access to firearms, I wish they shoot themselves instead of supporting each other.
There is no cure, unfortunately.


“Hello from the other side”. Since about 3:30 am most of the headlines here are about NZ.


How sad! This is happening every where. Unfortunately, there’s no stopping it. I’m glad we have the second amendment here, though there are those in government who’s trying to take our guns away and therefore can’t protect ourselves from these sick individuals who wants to kill. Not too long ago, someone open fired on a synagog, killing individuals who were worshipping. :cry:


I subscribe to the words of @pippo

And I send you strength from this part of the world


Thank you. It is an extremely upsetting tragedy. To make it worse the sick fuck live streamed it and people have been sharing it.

This has changed NZ forever. The guy that committed this act is an Australian immigrant. Apparently he moved to NZ just so he could carry out this attack.


Hopefully it wasn t sponsered by some organization somehow ! , don t know haven t checked enough .


Either way it is fucked up. Those poor people, they didn’t deserve this. It just blows my mind people can be this cold blooded.


Pretty much it.



Kia kaha New Zealand


Feel sad about this.

Let the deceased rest in peace.