Shasum of the iso

I can’t find the shasum of the iso on sf website.

From this link, also wonder if it s up to date as well;

In terminal,if updated ;

md5sum archlabs.iso

Hope it can be of any help.

But there is no shasum of the file so what to compare it with?

Wholy cow it s weird, wonder what happened , no checksum, maybe @natemaia or @Dobbie03 will chim in in order to give you a hand .

Go to the Files tab on the Sourceforge downloads page and click on the I (information) icon on the right. The md5 and sha1 check values for the iso will pop up. You can copy/paste to a text file for comparison.

Where to get the checksum file - earlier thread

This is not a technical issue. Post in the correct sections please.