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As you folks may have seen in October’s screenshots thread, I’ve put together a live image using Debian’s live-build scripts:

An automated build system is now running with deployment to the Releases page on the github site, which is nice.

64-bit (amd64) image

32-bit (i386) image

We don’t need no stinkin’ SourceForge… :grin:

(Hope it’s OK to open a thread about my own image, feels a bit wrong tbh)


Awesome I hope to try this out soon.

I’m glad you did :smiley: Thanks for sharing.


downloading …


Nice piece of work -

Booted UEFI and loaded into RAM just fine. Mounted the /home partition on the harddrive no issues. Maybe add a menu item for feh to change the wallpaper, but that’s trivial.


Good idea! Thanks for testing!

Secure Boot is supported for installed systems btw.

What’s the network manager? Excellent ncurses interface for getting online. That a revamped NetworkManager (nmcli or whatever it’s called)?

New rescue thumbdrive to add to the collection.

I stole it from grml’s live ISO image :smiling_imp:

EDIT: it’s a curses frontend to Debian’s ifupdown scripts and writes to /etc/network/interfaces

Their zsh configuration is also included (as seen in the Arch live ISO image).


Top job as usual, thx for that @Head_on_a_Stick

The install went without a hitch; apt working as expected. Set up LVM -

well done.

mksh as the default shell :exploding_head:
something new to learn.


Nice! Thank you very much for testing, I really appreciate that.

Mksh is very similar to bash for day-to-day use but lighter and less buggy. I reckon I can notice the difference in the live system but perhaps it’s my imagination.

No problem.

Next up is ssh and sshfs services. Never done it on Debian, so slightly new territory.

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The website is up:

It’s a bit rough & ready and slightly crude. Just like me :grin:


I like it!

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Top job again @Head_on_a_Stick . Likee !

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No problem.

ssh/sshfs and printer sharing set up without issues. Backing up Void systems to the LVM.

Just have to resist the temptation to install legacy Nvidia drivers. Have a gut feeling it will bork SharpBang like it borked ArchLabs yesterday. No gaming on this machine, so Nvidia not needed.

Should have a dual boot SharpBang - ArchLabs by the end of the weekend :monkey_face:

Nice cat.

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Awesome!!! A wet dream for an Openbox lover. Yes, you just gave me this incredible distro boner like I have not had in a very long time. Damn man!

Posting this from the live session, sure, will do an install later today. Just love the abcensce of unnecessary stuff that clutter and clutter. Here is just this great opportunity to model it the way the user want, without removing a whole bunch of crap first.

Kudos, you really got it! And it comes with Links! Whoa! Thank you very much Head_on_a_Stick, you made my day, weekend and this incredible distro boner, thank you! Awesome! :nerd_face:


To get the keybind for the terminal working, just edit line #340 in the rc.xml to “W+t”.

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