Share Your Old Scrots


So I was browsing Deviantart looking for a particular wallpaper when I came across an old scrot of mine, it gave me the idea of this thread. Post your old scrots here and show us your old Screenshot Goodness.


First ArchLabs scrot :stuck_out_tongue:


ArchLabs +4. The beginning of the bloat. Great shot though.


Wow, didn t know you liked Bimmers. Nice scrot in there @anon37345411.


@Dobbie03 Yeah, I know that brings back bad mojo but it was the beginning. Look at the intricate obmenu and plank… Hehehe :grinning:

@altman Are you kidding me? If I could afford to, I’d drive nothing else. Best cars on the planet, bar none. Still have this wall, somewhere, I may need to resurrect it :grin:


Yep nice sporty rides they are right ! @anon37345411.


Man I miss Gnome2 sometimes


Man, that actually looks like it could’ve been a tweak on something released yesterday. Nice :sunglasses:


Yeah, the days of AWN dock, easily customisable Gnome!


The early days (2013) of VSIDO -

haven’t really changed the overall look of my desktop in ages; just the themes.


My most popular screenshot at DA, I don’t get why this got so many favs. Its not really that good of a screenshot.


I favorited that one on da. I liked the conky and lay out.


Found an 8 year old screenshot of mine on Imgur



From my Manjaro times.


A screen from the game I wrote in 1992 for 8-bit Atari: :grin:


Nice old scrots there everyone !


Very cool guys.


An old Xfce scrot -

looks to be a default setup as far as gtk goes.