Sgtk-menu: launchers for sway & other WMs

Already ! Nice @nwg

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v0.7.1, w/ some adjustments to behaviour in Openbox, published.

release notes

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Top @nwg

Doesn’t play nice with dwm; :crying_cat_face:

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I expect so. I know nothing about dwm, so I couldn’t make it compatible. This will come with v1.x.x. :slight_smile:

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While testing sgtk-menu on Openbox I realized one more time that the sway nagbar, which I use to confirm actions on exit, looks like shit:

That’s why one more command will be added to the package, to display a GTK-based button bar, similar to oblogout.


Looks good to me !

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It took me ages, and I mean: AGES, to make the sgtk-bar command work in the same way on sway, i3 and Openbox. But it finally works. v0.8.0 coming soon.


Looks great @nwg

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v0.8.0 released

  • added sgtk-bar command to create a button bar on the basis of a json file
  • way of sample configs creation altered, more json files added
  • method to determine the currently active display on X11 altered

Also: README shortened, added wiki pages.

AUR updated to 0.8.0-1.

Now let’s wait and see what the just released sway 1.4 fixes and what it breaks.


Wow, already !

v0.9.0 released


  • check_wm() - a new common function in
  • display_geometry() function made common, moved to

Custom styling:

  • widgets naming simplified, all #item-* names merged into #item


  • merged ‘Make packageable’ #29
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Wow, doing good @nwg

It never stops right !

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With a little help from P.T. Contributors. The last PR contained stuff that exceeds my skills.

That s great, can t help you , way too hard for me ! lol

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sgtk-menu 1.0.0 released


Yes sir ! Hard at work again @nwg

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The #bar name added, in case someone wanted to give buttons a background.

For instance:

#bar {
	background-color: rgba(86, 100, 138, 0.5);
	padding-top: 20px;
	padding-bottom: 20px;
	padding-left: 10px;
	padding-right: 10px
#button:hover {
    background-color: #8399d3
#button:focus {
    background-color: #56648a;
    color: #eee

Top again @nwg

Experimental sgtk-dmenu command:


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