Sexy Terminals For One And All


I don’t know about all of you, but I hate remembering HEX code. I can when I need to, but why do that when you straight up have a website to do all the heavy lifting for you? is my favorite site for a quick config file for just about any Terminal you can think of. It lets you see everything you could want to see before you export it into an easy peasy copy and paste box for wherever your terminal config lives. (Mine is at .config/termite/config for example.)


Awesome site & use it all the time.


I love So many fantastic themes.


Yup, It’s also my main source of terminal colourscheme.
My second source is stealing people dotfiles from r/unixporn :sweat_smile:


LOL, same here Addy


And here I thought I was getting hexxed! :grin: It sure will make it easier when I make my look up tables and not worrying about putting in the wrong code and end up in the rabbit hole! Man did I hate that. Especially when you have to go through hundreds of lines and columns of the boogers to find the one you incorrectly put in or skipped!:flushed:


Shhhhh! You’re not supposed to say that out loud! Lol! I think we all ‘borrow’ one from another. Why reinvent the wheel when it works perfectly?


I do the same but I always change it up to suit, I am stuck on this new ArchLabs Nord SnowStorm theme I have.


Good to see you here! haha

FYI for the others: Addy is a master at theming :wink:


Hehe, I’m always here. And I’m just a newcomer in the theming world :blush:


“Newcomer”, yet you are already a superstar :stuck_out_tongue:


Epic screenshots from Addy.


LOL, same here Addy