Several bugs and other issues found!


For a short time of using ArchLabs, I have found several bugs here and there and I hope in time all these issues can be resolved.

I found that sometimes it would freeze up pretty much every single time I start up my PC, so I am forced to restart it.

Opera Browser
Only has problems with YouTube videos. Often when I click on the fullscreen button, then it would often make the window smaller (for some reason) and if I click on it again then it fullscreens it. Additionlly with some videos, I would often see this message when you go to change the resolution “Missing options?” (I would go and taken a screenshot but since flameshot (a printscreen tool) is not working after installing it I apologize for any inconvinience). I am not getting this issue with Firefox and Chromium. On Windows Opera does work fine. I am not too sure if this is Opera, ArchLinux or ArchLabs that is having the issue over here.

On both Manjaro and ArchLabs Firefox lags when you scroll. This is once again not the case when running Firefox on Windows.

When scrolling it seems to be a lot slower compared to Windows.

No middle scroll
You know how on Windows if you click on the middle button then you can move your mouse up and down and it will scroll for you, why is that missing?

Wifi adapter bugs
This only happens when I hibernate Windows and start ArchLabs, I am forced to remove the Dlink wifi adapter and reconnect it physically then it only works.

Flameshot not working
There is this application called Flameshot and after installing it via terminal, when I clicked on it it does not launch at all. Don’t know if this is ArchLabs or the application itself.

Printscreen button doesn’t seem to work
I pressed printscreen but it doesn’t copy to clipboard. :confused:

Don’t get me wrong, this is a very nice OS and I really want to stick to it, it is damn sick looking and it takes far less RAM compared to Windows and it has less bugs in other areas compared to Windows.


flameshot: Install stalonetray --> it in autostart, reboot and than click on flameshot. Look at your new installed tray(stalonetray) click on it and flameshot is there. Or use the commands:

Cant say anything to YOUR other"problems". Because all works fine. :grin: P.S.: Open your Openbox settings-manager(right click - Preferences - Openbox - Settings-Gui and under “Dock” you can configure your stalonetray(dock) position.


Opera does not work fine for your information but thanks for the tip on stalonetray


Because the PrintScreen key is configured as an openbox key binding to take a screenshot and save it to your ~/Pictures folder. Check in that folder and you will find your screenshots.

Alt + PrintScreen is set up to take a screenshot after a 5 second delay.

If you install gpicview, your screenshot will open automatically in that application - gpicview is no longer installed by default. Or you can edit the ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml file and change qpicview to the application of choice for opening pictures - like geeqie.


Windows has locked your wifi adapter because you have only put it in hibernation. Common issue with dual booting; not an Arch bug.


Please, where I find a note about the changes of each release, I already researched in several places connected to the system and I do not find anything about it…



I think there is a short “changes with this release” on the download page, or maybe the ArchLabs home page .

I do not know if there is a detailed changelog.

Edit - fix bad link :cat:


Something useful would be to include AL s version you installed.@joe232


So I asked, I checked the official site, sourceforge, bitbucket and here, but I do not find, certain changes are only discovered at the time of the installation or later, as an example of the image vizualidador, I saw that it is not present in the last release but I found it to be some problem, I did not see information about it and as you reported now that it was abandoned by default, I think a note on the before and after each release would be useful for us.


Pacli has been replaced / removed but on the site it remains part of the system
This creates a bit of confusion…

#11 Yep, maybe the site s not updated yet.


FF still doesn’t offer hardware acceleration in non-Windows operating systems, the check box is lying to you…


Yes, I understand


This topic is so fragmented, I really don’t know where to begin. @joe232 before opening this topic, did you give any thought or consideration to what a bug report is and how it should relate to ArchLabs and it’s forum? Let’s take each of your complaints one at a time, shall we?

  1. Polybar @joe232, I just searched this forum and couldn’t find a single help request from you regarding this topic. I’ve personally never had this issue but other’s may have, did you use the clearly visible search function of this forum to first see if someone else may have had a similar issue before reporting it as a bug? Did you search here for a possible solution? Did you comb google for a possible answer?

  2. Opera Web Browser @joe232 this is an application which has nothing to do with ArchLabs. Did you use the search function of this forum for a possible solution? Did you ask for support on Opera’s forum before listing this as a ‘bug’ here?

  3. Firefox See directly above^

  4. Scrolling No information given, no help request opened in the appropriate area of the forum. How is "darn, scroll just does’t seem to be the same as it was in Windows’ an ArchLabs bug report @joe232?

  5. No middle scroll Again, what exactly is that supposed to mean to anyone on this forum @joe232? No mention of it elsewhere by you… How do you consider this to be a bug report @joe232 ?

  6. Wifi adapter (bugs) There are many, many wifi adapters @joe232 and I distictly remember you mentioning having trouble using Manjaro. Do you think perhaps a google search for the make and model of your adapter with the keyword (oh, I don’t know…) Linux, may have helped? If you had trouble with this particular device before, why is it being enumerated here? A topic for ‘bugs’ pertaining to ArchLabs? See @PackRat’s answer below…

Did you pause long enough to read what he wrote? Why wasn’t this topic asked in the appropriate place before arbitrarily listing it as an ArchLabs related ‘bug’?

  1. Flameshot a) I’ve never heard of it and b) It’s obviously an application not at all related to ArchLabs. @joe232 Why is it listed here? Why not issue a bug report on their support forum? Additionally, see my answers to both 2. and 3.

  2. Printscreen button doesn’t seem to work This one’s actually a little humorous. It’s a function of your keybinds which can be altered to your taste in your rc.xml located within your openbox folder. ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml. Had you used just a little effort on google, you would have known that but you didn’t even try … You just decided to list it as a ‘bug’ here.

@joe232 I’m truly not trying to be hard on or cruel to you but I and other moderators of this forum have gone over this with you on several occasions. None of these issues can be considered bugs as they relate to ArchLabs. I’ve no idea your age but it’s been suggested by others, you’re relatively young. Please, from this moment on, consider very carefully the topics of your posts. Please, begin reading & searching more and arbitrarily opening new topics (particularly in the wrong place), less.



@Glenn good points as usual.

@joe232, I myself have reminded you on a number of occasions to provide information and to keep you help request simple. One of the rules of this forum is to keep help topics to one topic per thread see here for clarification.

If this continues I will have no choice but to issue a temporary ban. Your posts are proving to be a waste of the Moderators time and effort as you are providing no actual feedback about your “problems”.

No one is being hard on you to be nasty, but we want this forum to be logical and easy to use for everyone. Topics like this clog the forum and put others off from using it.

Please take on board our advice. I haven’t had to ban anyone yet and I don’t want to have to ban anyone if I can help it.

If you feel you need to discuss further, please contact me via a PM.



Have pm pippo to hopefully cool things down on her end. Was also going to give Joe232 an official warning if this continues, but I guess you just gave him one. :thinking:


Please take on board our advice. I haven’t had to ban anyone yet and I don’t want to have to ban anyone if I can help it.

Actually, Matt we did. But, it was for blatant criticism of AL. Forgot who but was a real a$$.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I remember now. It wasn’t criticism it was just outright fuckwittery.


I was being nice, but yeah. I hate trolling!