Sevenday4 has AL installed at last!

Continuing the discussion from Aliases for your terminal:

THought we could continue here rather than fill up the other thread with off topic convo :slight_smile:


Got it. Just was making a quick note that I finally got AL to install and so far stay stable. Widow and AL don’t work well, at least on my system anyway.

It’s not suprising that Windows doesn’t play nicely with other OS’s. I am happy I can be 100% MS free.

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Well, when you thousands of dollars of software that you use and can’t use them in linux with wine or crossover, what can you do? And Linux doesn’t have the equivalent that is suitable for my needs. I know the ins and outs of windows. I know how to exploit and manipulate it, which means I know its vulnerabilities. It’s not something I love, trust me.

I know Windows well too and I despise it. Using it at work is painful. So slow and unweidly. I’d be so much more effecient if I could use something Linux based.

Well believe it or not, the Windows OS is built on top of a linux base. In fact, you can access that linux base but it it will not have gui, it will all be command line. If I remember correctly, it’s at Ubuntu version 17.04, not 100% sure but pretty close.

Only reason I have a dual boot of AL + Windows is gaming on my laptop with integrated graphics. I wish graphics card corporate would be more active towards their proprietary linux drivers especially in the case of hybrid graphics


It seems Linux is kind of left in the dust. Many of who use some of the software that I use was trying to get these companies to cater to their linux customers. Their response; there just too few individuals who use linux to justify for making our products accessible on Linux. That means they can’t or they don’t want to hire those who can.

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Curious to what software it is? If you don’t mind me asking.

From Logos to photoshop as well as computer maintenance software that I use for business. But, a lot of my clientele uses windows so I have to make sure I can still have a platform to test on as well.

Gotcha, was just curious… I work in an all windows shop and most of our client software is windows only.

Yeah, if only the world was perfect… Most of the time when you mention linux, you get two reactions;

  1. Lin who?
  2. Their eyes glaze up.
    And as a bonus:
    Ummm, I just remembered, I got something I gotta do…
  1. Oh yes, I heard about it … :roll_eyes:
  2. The bearded thing? :slightly_frowning_face:
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  1. Isn’t he the one who plays the piano in the peanuts comics?
  2. Isn’t that the mythical bird that rose from the ashes and is now the capital of Arizona?:roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow::flushed:
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