Setting up indic language inputs in Arch linux/Archlabs linux using Openbox

I did not find any information on how to input indic languages (Bengali, Hindi, etc, languages spoken and written in the Indian subcontinent) in Archlinux/Archlabslinux using Openbox, hence I thought it might be useful for some how I figured it out after searching the ibus and localisation support pages and digging through the internet. Anyway, the steps are

  1. Install sudo pacman -S ttf-indic-otf
  2. Install sudo pacman -S ibus m17n-db ibus-m17n
  3. Change /etc/locale.gen file to uncomment your language (I used bn_IN.UTF-8), and then run locale-gen
  4. Run ibus-setup and indicate the key bindings, edit the ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc files if you must.

Details in the blog post I wrote,


Thx for sharing.


Thanks for sharing!