Setting Default Editor

Hey guys, right now everything opens in Geany, I was looking to switch this to another editor. Could someone point me to the correct config file I edit for this? Editor is not an option in settings manager.

Thanks ahead of time.

@TimApple what editor are you thinking of using? I have to look this up, but if memory serves me correctly, you can probably change your default editor in your .bashrc or .zshrc files. Now me being old, I don’t always trust my memory! :joy:
When I get to my computer, I’ll check to see if this is the way to do it.

export EDITOR=' *program* ' export VISUAL=' *program* '

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ok, will check there… I am thinking of switching it to Code by the elementary guys. It’s nice and simple, looks good, and has some good features. If not that, probably just gvim. I open a lot of stuff in ranger which defaults to vim. It’s just those periodic miscellaneous cllcks now and then that open stuff in a gui editor.

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@sevendat4 -

that’s correct.

export EDITOR="your_editor"
export VISUAL="your_editor"

just have to set it up for the shell you’re using.

If you add it to ~/.profile it should source that when you log in and work with whatever shell you have set up.

Arch Wiki Environment Variables


Thanks @PackRat. I guess my memory does work once in a while. I did forget about using ~/.profile though :astonished: