Not for the faint of heart… Ikey is having another ‘go’ at things.

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Fairly new edition !

Thx for sharing @manyroads

Don’t mean to be a dick but this guy is all over the place. I wish he would make up his mind.


I dunno, sounds pretty clear to me — no systemd, Wayland desktop, no NVIDIA blob support. All good :slight_smile:

Fully stateless as well, very interesting…

The contradictions and irony in this mission statement have me on the floor!

But interesting enough, even without support for my poor 1080 but i understand why

thx for the tip

edit before actually posting: UEFI only, nah no ty

I meant more about his involvement with Linux. One minute he’s all out with something then all of a sudden he vanishes and then he’s back again and he vanishes again and the cycle starts all over again.

I do wish the best to Ikey though, he seems to be very talented.


I think it is nice to see an effort that wants to encourage & develop on new platforms (bleeding, bleeding, edge). There are tons of ancient hardware oriented Linux distros offering yesterday’s technology, tomorrow. As for the persona… well lots of us are ‘unique’. :raising_hand_man:

Yup. Ikey is is a big asset to the linux community, is hugely talented and has great vision BUT, as Dobbie said, he seems to bail on the various projects he’s involved in with regular monotony.

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