September 2019 Screenshot Thread

Nice & dark @subjunkie

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@altman Thank you.

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No problem el friend.

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Alright, qtile is cool, but it doesn’t make much sense to waste hours on coding stuff, which is easily accessible in i3 or sway. However, I found and fixed an issue in my Azote wallpaper manager, by the way. Now it works in one more window manager.


Nice; how are you showing titlebars in dwm? That a patch available from

@PackRat Thank you. That`s tabbed.
Arch repos -->



You can pretty much say the same thing about awesome and Xmonad. Nice looking setup though, what else you have running to get that level of memory use?

Is that configuration in one ~/.config/qtile/ file? If so, maybe post it in a thread for ArchLab users that want to try qtile.

No major changes -

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Ok, I tried tabbed a while back.

If it’s even possible, do you have a mouse binding setup in your config.h so that you can move a floating window by the usual click & hold on the titlebar?

That would require some sophisticated hacks on the WM part to test if the client is tabbed and if the part of the window being click-n-dragged is within the bounds of tabbed’s tab area or simple things like highlighting text with the mouse would just drag the window around, at least in dwm where there are no titlebars.

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Top job again @subjunkie @PackRat

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Got a bunch of new goodies working in noice and haven’t had much changes over the last year so I figured it’s a good time to share a scrot.


Damn, I couldn’t work on a screen with a dark background. :smiley:

lol, yea that’s my light theme :smiley:


This certain one is not: contains 5 *.py files. I published them all, together with 2 *.sh scripts. See the qtile thread.

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Is that terminus font you’re using in vim?

Yea you know it.

That’s nice man.

@subjunkie most excellent scrot there

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@PackRat Sadly no.

Nicee @natemaia .

Nice light theme ! lol

Grabbing some of the new wallpapers -