September 2018 Screenshot Thread


We’re inland and over towards Georgia so we’ll be on the outer edge of the hurricane, as usual. If it stalls somewhere between Myrtle Beach, SC and Wilmington, NC we may get enough rain for flooding to be a big issue in our area. My main concern is the power going out for a significant period of time. Still hot (90F/32C) and humid here.

I’m actually on the FEMA volunteer list - albeit way, way down the list. Might actually get a call this time around.

hhh over at BL is the one in trouble - heading right for him; storm surges should be hitting Charleston harbor pretty soon.

And there are two more right behind Florence:


Good of you to volunteer @PackRat. We’ll be thinking of you, your family and hhh. Please be safe.

Why people don’t take that^ seriously and insist upon crossing flooded roadways, is beyond me. Gordon dumped over 7 inches on us last week and sure as shit, people getting stranded and first responders having to risk life and limb to assist them… Happens every year. People never learn.


Thx @PackRat to be on the list. Also with @Glenn on this matter, looks like some people are getting bumber as times go by.


@PackRat yes haha it’s a good kind of heat for making yourself into jerky.


True that but better than slogging through this humidity and becoming a wet lump of sauerkraut :grin:


and we’re back on topic - :monkey_face:


been tweaking the crap out of my Mint-Y themes I use at work (not on Linux Mint)

Edit: Been digging this wall too.


same thing on top of mint 19…

clem stopped pushing to github before the release so the theme on there is totally different

if only there was a spec with all the gtk3 toolkit apps then you could write a .css accordingly. as is it’s all mystery meat.


They are epic themes @cog.


@cog those themes are really quite nice.


Nicee @cog , keep it on.


openbox with conky, no panel:


Nice basic scrot in there @PackRat




Still not convinced though, terminal colours are so tricky :confused:

Time to browse through again…

EDIT: oh, and switched from loksh back to mksh — the latter is in the main component of the Alpine Linux repositories and the former is in community so I presume mksh has the “seal of approval” from the devs (and from also, which is important).


spamming the thread today -


thanks @Dobbie03 @Glenn @altman @womp

I’ve uploaded everything to:


Doesn’t have OB or FVWM windecs yet but everything else

The walls are on unsplash. Search for Arto Marttinen


@Head_on_a_Stick, what’s the attraction to Solarised desktops? I see so many of them but they just seem to me to be just so bleh!

@PackRat, nice one man, love that last scrot of yours.

@cog, will chek them out. Cheers for sharing.


Well the idea is that it creates a low-contrast environment that’s very easy on the eye for prolonged terminal sessions and I do find the standard st scheme extremely garish in comparison.

Yes, you’re right, I think the BunsenLabs palette may be the way forward here, I run that in my OpenBSD desktop:


! BunsenLabs colours

*.foreground: #bfbfbf
*.background: #000000

! Black
*.color0: #000000
*.color8: #666666

! Red
*.color1: #9e1828
*.color9: #cf6171

! Green
*.color2: #aece92
*.color10: #c5f779

! Yellow
*.color3: #968a38
*.color11: #fff796

! Blue
*.color4: #414171
*.color12: #4186be

! Magenta
*.color5: #963c59
*.color13: #cf9ebe

*.color6: #418179
*.color14: #71bebe

! White
*.color7: #bebebe
*.color15: #ffffff

*.cursorColor:  #00ff00


I thought there may have been a technical reason behind it.

After spouting off the other day how much I loved the theme I was using, I made a new one.

Thanks to @cog for the icons.


Thx for sharing here @cog , appreciated.