September 2018 Screenshot Thread


Where did you get a picture of my basement?

Nice one.


lol, good one in there !


Showing up all at once this season:


Über fine refinements to my desktop, mainly to Kitty, it has a nice 10px border and 10px margin between the edge of the window. Also I worked out how to get Kitty to display an image using Neofetch.

For those of you using Kitty and Neofetch, set in your zshrc/bashrc:

neofetch --kitty

This will make any other terminal app you use search for an image and delay the starting of that terminal so only use this if Kitty is your preferred Termina.

Archlabs Über Alles!


Finished off my Alpine Linux desktop: installed the latest Greybird theme (Paper is too dark), switched from urxvt to st (with the scrollback patches) and from the fixed bitmap font to Inconsolata and also changed the wallpaper :slight_smile:



I’m using spacefm for the GUI file manager because it’s the only one that doesn’t have any other dependencies. And because it’s awesome.


just windows, no decorations or bars:


Nice guys, very nice.


Really looking good everyone, awesome pace this month.

Another wall and new conky (modified from the original by damo)


Nice grey Bimmer scrot in there @Glenn.


@altman, thanks man :slight_smile:


No problem mate.


Slow day, toying with configurations. Fluxbox, maximized and grouped windows by default so it’s i3-ish. Simple conky clock:

Sidebar note - is there an application that will put a transparent, digital clock on the desktop? Kind of waste to use conky just for a clock.


Wanted to do something minimal. I believe this qualifies. :grinning:

Wallpaper: click here


Very much so. Good shot.


I think I may have found my perfect idea of a desktop (though this may change further down the track)

I love this wallpaper, it just offsets against the dark windows perfectly. Plus I love the image.

The Firefox CSS I am using is perfect. I am just insanely happy with my desktop after may years of tweaking and fiddling.


Nicee out there @PackRat , @McQ , @Dobbie03


Nothing new really, just tweaked my terminal/zsh


Nice tweaks in there @7im4pple


Phoenix still getting to 102F (38C)! But it’s a dry heat, right?


@PackRat I bet you’ve been busy building an ARK, looks like Florence is going to hammer you guys.