September 2018 Screenshot Thread


Thanks @altman :slight_smile:


Mainly default with some slight color tweaks, polybar mods and default Tilda with alpha blending.


Nice there & nice little tweaks here & there @MuradTroll


That came quick @altman :smiley:

Also for anyone asking: As a newcommer to Linux I only use one workspace :astonished:


lol, no worries, doing great in there, You don t look as someone new to Linux at all ! Keep it on in there.


Still learning stuff…


Nice in there @retrowertz .


I am somehow getting a windows vibe from that setup, especially from the bottom bar.
Anyways nice job and keep learning :+1:


New Rofi theme, doesn’t look so good in a screenshot but looks amazing onscreen.

When opened it applies a light blur to the screen.


Gee you guys never stop ! lol Nice little tweaks in there @Dobbie03

Same old shit on my installs besides updates.



Got rid of conky and used tint2 as a bottom task bar:


Nice!! Looking so good.


Great looking scrot @McQ


Nothing has really changed other than the wallpaper. But I encountered the photo on twitter and thought it would make a great wallpaper. May try to add some sort of effect to it in the future.


Nicee in there @7im4pple


Cool wall @7im4pple


@7im4pple love the rabbit ears and Tab! Great pic!


@McQ + The picture of Flynn’s Arcade on the wall (Tron), copy of Mad magazine, Atari game console, wall paneling with calico pile carpet.

Pretty nifty @7im4pple.


Nothing new other than a new MPD module for controlling repeat, consume etc modes.

Apologies for repeat wallpaper postings!