September 2018 Screenshot Thread


You already have a good result! :sunglasses:


I updated some things … (it does not look like haha …)

inpkg thanks to @natemaia

Wall here


Looks good to me, love that wallpaper!


Updated with an image link!.


Nice craptop goodness in there @Dobbie03 !


Another great scrot in there , keep it on.


What bar are you using with dwm?

trivial changes - added the systemtray patch, Mouse2 on the taglist brings up jgmenu:


May I have a link to that awesome dwm wallpaper please?

Identikit scrot to stay on topic:

^ Note memory usage: >35MiB for a 64-bit system with a graphical desktop, Alpine Linux rules!


Pretty sure it’s this one.


Yes, that’s it, thanks!

I hate to be a fusspot but that site watermarks the paper so if @Dobbie03 still has a link to the original that would be fantastic :slight_smile:


Can’t you just grab an appropriate size and crop the watermark out?


dwmXdev + conky




@mrneilypops Very handsome desktop. Nice :sunglasses:


Nice @mrneilypops , I also use Xanmod on my BL installs.


Wallpaper is from where I took a random image and just started adding elements. Here you see additions such as the Sun, groups of people, street lamps, Ferris wheel, fishermen, kites, birds, streamers, billboards, etc. The challenge with this particular image was in adding the elements behind existing structures such as fences, windmills, rooftops, and towers.

Polybar was updated to include a LastFM module called Polybar-LastFM. It shows what is currently being scrobbled and allows a left-click to favorite the tune. It was configured for i3 but is easily adapted.

Conky is untouched but I do like the “Sand, Dust Whirls” current conditions.

Original Wallpaper
Wallpaper as seen in scrot


Very good! :grin:


Here you go, it’s a jwr custom wall



Scrot of OpenBSD -current running Chromium under unveil(2) so it thinks /home (and the rest of the filesystem) is empty:


Puffy:~$ cat $(which chrome)
/usr/local/bin/chrome --enable-unveil

I had to close it and call the browser binary directly to upload the scrot :smiley:


Another day, another wall. Left conky courtesy of @Addy


@Glenn Nice scrot & sport car in there el mate !