September 2018 Screenshot Thread


Okay try this one man


Awesome man working now. Gonna run it as soon as I get home.


Nice there was some permissions playing silly buggers on my other repo. I’ll keep that one as private I think and share from the new one.


Fiddling around with my dwm build, got pertag, dynamic gaps for the default tiling layout and a modified grid layout.


That makes sense. I might give gitlab a go at some point. I understand it provides users with lots of different sharing options.

Edit: looking solid Nate


Looking good Smoke. I’m coming along slowly with dwm. I have found the learning curve a little steep.

@cog, Gitlab is great.


[basic line]


Nice scrots in there fellas.


Looks like it’s dwm week -

patches: bottomstack, pertag, focusonclick, gapplessgrid, uselessgaps.


playing around with dobbie’s theme on MATE

this is my usual setup these days


Nicee @PackRat , @cog .


Found a nice wallpaper.


With my wallpaper and something I never used before: Covergloobus.


@natemaia Nice seeing you post a screenshot man, looks awesome (sorry, looks dwm) :sunglasses:

@PDM That’s gorgeous, nicely done. Love the color of your wall :slight_smile:

#75 wow! love it!

@PackRat yeah I have been playing with dwm too, so much to learn though.

@cog looking good mate.

@womp, nice wall.

@PDM, I use Covergloobus on my OB setup but it doesn’t play nicely with i3 so I am using a conky to do the same thing.


I’ve been waiting for this to hit the AUR… had to do it… i3 with some Windows95 action…lol


@7im4pple I thought about doing that myself… Beat me to it :slight_smile:

Looks old school cool :sunglasses:


Back to the future ! lol


More dwm goodness from the craptop. Still learning by playing with config.h.


Completely stole this from @Addy but I am learning how to mess with dwm.