September 2018 Screenshot Thread

Nice Pack. I’m on the hunt for a new conky.

Probably going to have to make my own, I want simplistic and out of the way styled conky.

What information are you looking to show? You can check my configs (link in sig) - most of my conkyrc are one line basic information types. Never was one for conky-palooza.

Not sure at the mo, I can’t be bothered writing one from scratch right now though no doubt the inspiration will hit soon :smiley:
I’ll check your github for some ideas :smiley:

I love the colours of this wallpaper:

Wall link.



Spamin’ the thread today. So seldom log into Windows 10, I took a screenshot:


It is working well for me…I don’t think there is anything particular that polybar was able to do for me that i3 wasn’t…but I don’t really do much with it. My main focus is indicators…love those little guys…lol

I agree…beautiful

@anon37345411 @TimApple thanks guys.



Testing dwm on the craptop.


From my Dell Latitude 6430 (bought on auction for 100 US$ this week)



I like slstatus for the bar readout, although I’m using a shell script for that at the moment:


^ The while sleep 1 line in ~/.xsession is for the readout, it shows the load average (how hard the CPU is working) over the last minute along with the battery level and the date & time.

I’m loving the bat utility in that scrot: it’s an alternative to cat with extra added features:


Nice scrots in there fellas !

Got bored so I transferred the Debian system to a backup drive and installed Alpine Linux in it’s place:


Fresh install so no wallpaper yet.

Alpine is pleasingly minimal:

alpine:~$ df -h
Filesystem       Size       Used      Available Use% Mounted on
devtmpfs         10.0M   0            10.0M       0%      /dev
shm                  1.8G      11.6M    1.8G         1%      /dev/shm
/dev/sda2        30.0G    996.9M  29.0G      3%      /
tmpfs               375.1M  336.0K   374.8M   0%      /run

Less than 1GiB for a full Linux system with a graphical desktop and Chromium installed :slight_smile:

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Great looking craptop!!


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lol, good one in there !

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Nicee @anon42040838 . It s on the light side also.

Very bright but pretty awesome nevertheless.

I think I have posted this wallpaper before, not sure. Anyway …

I have made heaps of under the hood changes, very few visual changes (if any) since my last post.


One of the best tools the gpicviewer has is to mirror an image. Yeah I love the conky too, though I am on the hunt for a new one.

Gee, that s some changes in there @anon37345411 ! Nice.

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