September 2018 Screenshot Thread


Good looking ! Thx for sharing it here.@Head_on_a_Stick


So ending the month on another experiment. Running an i3/cinnamon combo. Basically Cinnamon is controlling all the settings and most of the themeing. I also get to use the cinnamon screenserver to control screen locking and closing laptop lid and such… i3 is handling windows and shortcuts. Also can’t use Cinnamon panel so got tried and true polybar going. It’s working pretty good, minus I set Nemo as default file manager and it opens when I click on files… but Super+F still opens thunar. Have to fix that…but it’s working well. I’m also installing my System76 drivers which I usually don’t do on Arch…but wanted to see if there is a difference.


Nice install in there @7im4pple ! Loads of experiments as well, keep it on.



Nice install in there @dimaom


Nice! Love a bit of dwm.


snapwm + jgmenu

deciding bar, or no bar.


Nice scrot again @PackRat , you never stop mod your installs unless many.


A darker version of what I’ve been rolling. Based on deepin-dark gtk using some of @Dobbie03 colors.


Looks nice @cog


@PackRat, never heard of snapwm, how is it?

@cog, nice dark theme man. You really know how to put a theme together.


It’s pretty good - based on catwm.

Small dynamic tiling window manager incorporates some design philosophy from suckless/dwm. User interface similar to dwm. I prefer dwm and spectrwm, though.

An Arch user developes it - should be a thread for it and diminiwm on the Arch forum.


Interesting. I am 100% obsessed with i3 at the moment. No doubt the next step will be dwm.


i3 is my main go-to for tiling. tabbed windows are preferable to tiled layouts IMO.

But I’m a window manager junkie so I always end up with way too many installed :monkey_face:


Nothing wrong with that!



Still dickin’ around with vanilla dwm on the desktop, think I’m ready to compile my own for the laptop.


You guys work too hard on pimpin ! lol Keep them coming up.

Same old sh!tt again on my end.


Great work this month guys. On to October!!