September 2018 Screenshot Thread


Looks good. Elementary Juno icons?


Looks good in there @cog


Nice job in there @Tyr-El


another good month.


Yes it is!
Nice @ Everyone :slight_smile:
@cog That’s beautiful.
@Dobbie03 & @Tyr-El :sunglasses:

Having fun experimenting with more vivid colors & conky :slight_smile:

Oh… It’s a BMW so, there’s that :grin:


Thanks everyone.

Just did a lightweight bionic build with debootstrap. It looks like gnome but it’s mate.


Juno folders mixed with Papirus.


Hard to tell but I have updated my Mojave Dark theme this time with the Numix styling. New Icon theme to match.


Gahnew Slash Leenox


@cog Yeah that looks good. That theme is solid.


No changes other than st is back as my terminal. No terminal transparency.


Looks great in there @cog , @Dobbie03


New theme and wallpaper. Check out my fortunes in my terminal! zsh for the win.


Sorry, spamming.


Wouldn’t it be funny if you got banned from your own forum for spamming! :joy::rofl::joy:


Nice scrots again @Dobbie03




Another nicee in there @PackRat


The Haiku beta release is finally out:

And here it is running under QEMU/KVM (Alpine Linux host):


I particularly like the Appearance tool, it allows simple configuration of all of the desktop elements’ colours.