September 2018 Screenshot Thread


Gone almost completely barless except for a small Polybar with workspaces.


Some more papers in there ! Nice. @Dobbie03


I agree with PackRat, whenever that happens to me it’s because of a mistake in ~/.xinitrc — try entering the lines in a terminal and see if it returns the prompt afterwards, if it does then you don’t need an ampersand at the end of the line.

Alpine Linux with dwm, urxvt, ranger & ponysay:


The picture is of a SPARC M7/8 server that I found in the reception area of the Oracle offices in London when I did some work for them recently.

I asked if I could ssh into it from my phone so I could get a scrot of top running with 256 threads but they wouldn’t let me :frowning:


Will do, thanks for the help.

Selfish bastards!



Nice man and good looking conky.


Thanks @Glenn Got two conky running there, the currently playing to replace the long used Covergloobus and the clock :slight_smile:


That s some big changes here ! Nicee.


Thanks man, seeing that I really never used anything other than the workspaces module and the clock I didn’t see any need for a full blown bar.


@Dobbie03. You bet.


Playing around with live backgrounds


Some extensive changes, an updated older theme and a new Icon theme. New wallpaper and colour changes to conky and dunst.



That s more usual in here ! lol

Nice job @Dobbie03


Continuing your decent into minimalism. I see i3 + tmux in your future. :monkey_face:

interesting live background you’re using; that a scene from a movie?


@altman thanks man. Yeah big overhaul yesterday.

@PackRat, already use i3 fulltime :smiley: Have been dabbling in Tmux, I don’t fully understand the concept of it yet.

The background is from a PS4 game The Last of Us. Nice screenshot there by the way.


I don’t really understand tmux enough to use it properly either - handy tool for multiple terminal windows though, especially in stacking window managers. Easy enough to get the same effect with i3 containers though.

People that do remote logins usually swear by it.


I feel dirty


A multi-month effort… got my Mint-Y themes playing nicely with my fvwm configs. To top it off running a custom patched pcmanfm (gtk2 version) without menubars.

I’ve even found that I can do everything at work my clients require with WPS. Sharing data with kingsoft can’t be any worse than Google or MS.


@Tyr-El, quite rightly so. You should be feeling dirty!!! :slight_smile: Looks good though.
@cog nice theme mate. Love it.


Yeah I am really happy with this: