September 2018 Screenshot Thread


So off the beaten path, besides i3…Cinnamon is my favorite desktop…


Nice shot in there @7im4pple


That’s a very handsome desktop @7im4pple.


Any room here for a wayward Debian user running Plasma 5.13 on BunsenLabs dist-upgraded to sid?

@Dobbs, Vader.



@hhhorb, there is always room for the BL dudes. Especially as ones as illustrious as yourself.

Welcome, great to see you here.


Thanks! I welcome our Headbanger Overlords.




@hhhorb Welcome hhh, great to see ya here :slight_smile: Plasma on Bunsen? Massive cool :sunglasses:

@Dobbie03 Killer wall Matt!


jgmenu 1.3 with columns and search box -

nice work malm.


Nice @PackRat. Wow @malm jgmenu is really coming along.


Indeed; I have to take another look at the tutorials; being able to have columns could make for some interesting setups - but don’t want to re-invent the wheel since I also use rofi.

Slow day, spam the board with screenshots:


I’ve been using vanilla dwm last couple days on the desktop and hate to admit never trying it before but wow, impressed with how concise the basic keybinds are. Still, no replacement for openbox on multiple displays but believe this may be my wm of choice for laptops and my old netbook. At first was a little put off about having to recompile to generate a config but it does, in the end make it more your own.


I for some reason cannot get dwm to work. Can you share your dots please so I can check I have got my setup correct?


What sort of issues are you having; did you install the Arch package, or compiling your own?

My ArchLabs build for dwm is pretty generic:

dwm config.h with focusonclick patch -


I compiled my own and all I get is a black screen. I’ll try your config.


I’ve been using vanilla stock dwm Matt, so I have no config.h to share. I just wanted to become acquainted with the system, without my usual compulsion to begin changing the look and feel. Aside from wanting to autostart one or two services and set xrandr, there really are very few things I’d want to change.


Usually if dwm compiles successfully it will run. You don’t use a login manager like lightDM, right? Sounds like the kind of thing that happens if your startup script hangs; you missing an “&” in a script?

back on topic, spectrwm:


I’m not sure what is going on. I’m going to look into it further, I have only really given it a casual look through.

Also back on topic.

New wallpaper.


Nice paper in there @Dobbie03