See you in a while

My system crashed a few days ago. I have been trying to reinstall the latest iso, and I cant. I love ArchLabs, but this new installer seems to fuck me every time I touch it. So I’m taking a break for a while.

Catch ya.

What’s happening on the install?

@philT, hey mate, sorry to hear you are having issues. If you 'd like to use Calamares to reinstall you can still use 2017.10 which is available here.

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Yeah. Thanks man, Ill go back to that release for the time being. Cheers.

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An update will bring you up to current anyway.

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Ahh. Good to know man.

Back on it at the weekend I hope.

That was a short break​:joy::joy:

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I installed solus for something different. Looks nice and polished, but frankly I just found it a bit boring. Its kind of like the meat and two veg when you what oysters and beer.

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I don’t get the fuss about Solus. Personally it is not for me, and this not to say they are not doing a good job, it’s not a distro for me.


sorry for not replying sooner. Too many errors to list - it was just shitting me. I just was feeling defeatist. But after fixing a horrible error with python over the past few few days I am feeling better about linux and my problem solving skills, so I am ready to tackle ArchLabs again! Go team.


Agreed mate.

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Glad to see you are sticking with us :smiley:

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