SDDM Wallpaper

I cannot find how to change the SDDM login screen wallpaper. I have looked everywhere I can think of, including:


I have found how to change the theme but not the background wallpaper image.

Did you try SDDM - ArchWiki?

Basically you can override stuff on existing themes and they set the background.

I did try the ArchWiki but either I’m overlooking something or doing something wrong because when I edit the config file to specify a different theme (including a background image), it is not sticking on reboot.

As I read this and the SDDM git, the default Theme is maya and that line is left blank in the config file. I entered the new theme name (dialog, which is a subdiretory in Themes) with its own background but neither appears on reboot.

I’ll mess with it some more and then send some code and screen shots to show what I have attempted.

Did you make an override file like shown in the wiki or try to edit the theme directly?

To override settings in the theme.conf configuration file, create a custom theme.conf.user file in the same directory. For example, to change the theme’s background:



To be fair I have no clue about sddm and have only really used it briefly on plasma so maybe I’m missing something.

I didn’t create an override file - I edited direct on the line Current= I entered the new theme name , which theme name is the same as the subdirectory name and contains the image that I want specified as background.

It didn’t work so I changed it back to the default theme and in the process somehow dropped my internet connection. I’m sending this from my phone.

I think creating the override file required. Did a quick search for “change background SDDM theme” and using the theme.conf.user file and placing the desired image in the theme directory is the typical solution.