1. Expect service interruption in the coming days.
  2. Future of is being considered.
  3. CDN [Content Delivery System] will end soon.
  4. I would recommend downloading any favourite SCROTS ASAP.

Peace. Hope we continue…

Hope it continues also @mrneilypops .

Thx for updates.

Fingers crossed!

What can we do to help it continue?

If someone has cotacts, I’m more than willing to host it and run it on my webserver

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PM mrneilypops; he runs the site. You can find him here or the BunsenLabs forum.

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Contacted him. Thanks

R I P @ . Thx for the hard work provided @mrneilypops

Wish you good luck with your other plans whatever they d be.

Edit; got the sad news from a link prvided by @PackRat in another thread.

I noticed as well.
I am setting up give it 48 hrs


Oh, you take it back ! So it s not end of life !

Top @Madmedic

Edit1; put it in the link provided by @PackRat in another thread, will try to remember it, will post if you haven t found it before me.

Edit2; Got it;

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