ArchLabs Linux is gone long live

I have taken the liberty to start a image host as a thank you to the community and this awesome distro. Tried to save but they never really came back

So it’s the same system on
upload limit is at 30M now, if it needs to be much highrer let me know.
We’ll see where this goes.

EDIT: I am still tweaking it here and there but the functionality is there


I’ve created an account. Now I’m waiting for the activation email, but nothing seems to happen.

Checking it straight away

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It say it’s waiting for a confirmation on your end. Should be fixed though, apprved manually.

It must’ve been waiting for me to click the link in the massage it didn’t send. I’d check the mail server settings if I were you.

[edit]: my account seems to work.


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Yep. That’s the issue.
So for a short period of time I disabled the verification mail.

Very well then. The forum engine works properly with the site. I mean: it allows to include pictures w/o uploading them to the forum.

[edit]: Nope, I was wrong. The forum bot has just replaced




It doesn’t make much sense IMO: as if I uploaded the picture directly, but takes more time.

That’s something for the forum mods I believe.

Yes. We discussed this in another thread last night.

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@Madmedic, thanks for this, I’ll add it to the opening post for the scrot threads. Anyway we could bump the max up to 40mb’s please?

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Signed up; account is working:

thanks for providing the site.


@Dobbie03 limit set to 60mb. you’re welcome. And thanks :slight_smile:

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One that I could upload size-wise real quick;

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Magic, thank you.

Just trying to upload and says 8mb max? @Madmedic

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Compress those monstrosities, jesus :laughing:

It would be unfair to my monitors to compress this dual 4k glory.

I can’t get an image over 2M with a single monitor so something’s amiss. I think the walls play a big part.

I was thinking this. I will experiment a little later on.

Yea I’m mostly just bugging you, but 30M images are not great for most people on limited bandwidth plans. I have many friends who only get 150G/month, plus because they’re 4K compressing them will have a negligible impact on image quality for most as they’re already downsampling it to their resolution.