End of LIfe

Sadly @mrneilypops has announced the end of

I’m looking into other hosting options.

Thanks to Neil for all you have done.


Yes sad news, @Madmedic might have something in the pipes, here s the link;

Edit: post#8 by @Madmedic

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I think self hosting the images might be the best solution but im not sure if were able to use that level of storage.

It’s either that or use something that is unlikely to go away any time soon like imgur.

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I’ll ask one more time: does the forum have a white/black list of hosts? I can’t add pictures from my own server. I only see this:


Does anyone see a picture below?

direct link

There is no option to whitelist or blacklist hosts.

I see the picture at the bottom of your selfie.

Have you edited my post? I didn’t upload anything.

[direct link](upload://bl5YoHKxfMTPJntMH4H1MTXIY.jpeg)

Nope the system bot automatically edits the posts for us. I have no control over what it does.

It means I can’t add pictures from my server w/o uploading. :confused:

It’s how discourse works I’m afraid.

Alright, we still need an external solution that works well with the forum engine.

[edit]: …and more beer. is working nicely for me with using the “linked markdown” option.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

It does. However, pictures open slowly, at least in my place.

Hmm I haven’t struck that issue. I’m open to suggestions or people just use what they want to.

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This is why the images download:


Well, it’s up to you if to leave it checked.

I’d rather have a forum of nice images than one of broken images. It’s a small price to pay for prettiness :smiley:

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I’ll bookmark this post, to see it again before uploading a screenshot. :wink:

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The revive should be online today the same system you alle are used to at
Had to wait for dns to resolve and make ssl work.


Thx for tha hard work @Madmedic

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