Screen tearing when Alt-Tab

I face a weird issue with my otherwise stable ArchLabs installation. When I have open two windows, jumping from one to other using Alt-Tab leaves some traces in the next window, like holes from the previous one.

I really do not know what is wrong with this one or how to search for troubleshooting.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

Which video card are you using.

in a terminal:

lspci | grep -e VGA -e 3D

Will identify the card if you do not know.

You may need to get the correct driver installed and configured.

Does the screen tearing occur with all applications?

Thanks for the response. This may have to do with the Compositing because now that I have disabled it the issue is gone.

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That could be the issue; I have problems with compton on both ArchLabs and Void. Usually only happens if I’m using sublime text editor. Normally don’t run compton.

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